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Our Mission

Avenue Family Center is a Christian not-for-profit that is actively pursuing one goal. We are trying to break the cycle of poverty in Michigan City by focusing on children and youth, equipping them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to succeed in life so that the cycle of poverty ends with them.



About Us

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We strive to break the cycle of poverty at the second generation. That means that we want to end poverty in our city and we intend to do that by equipping the students in the city to be able to get out of poverty by the time they graduate from our programs.

Four Legs of SuccessTo accomplish this, we use a holistic approach to ministry. This holistic approach involves four different legs upon which to establish stability in the students’ lives. The four legs are: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional.


We believe that a student needs a sound education as well as a developed reasoning ability. A student needs both knowledge and the ability to use it in order to develop into a productive citizen in their community. To do this we provide quality, individualized tutoring for any student, any age, almost any subject at no cost to the student or their family.


Every human has basic questions regarding the meaning of life and what his or her purpose is in the world. Students are no   different. In order for students to develop into good, healthy citizens, those questions need to be addressed in a satisfactory way. As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the one with the answers to life. We can demonstrate this to the students and share with them the answers they seek.


Students have a variety of physical needs. From food to clothing to exercise and fun, students have physical needs that need met. A hungry student cannot learn, feel good  emotionally, or have any care for what God wants in their lives. A cold student is too busy trying to find warmth to care about God, education or anyone else. To help with this we try to find the causes of poverty in each individual’s life and work with that person to  defeat the causes and rise out of poverty successfully.


Humans were designed to live in a community with tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of emotional bonds of various strengths and levels. A student who does not have emotional support from multiple places and does not have a healthy support structure is set-up for failure. We work with youth to build an attitude of success, and give them the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty in their lives.