What We Do

At Avenue Family, we strive to improve people’s lives and help them become the people God created them to be. So we are active in quite a few different things and we invite you to join us.

Bible Study

We believe that God wants to make each one of us better than we already are. One of the tools he provides to help us become better is his Bible, the story of his relationship with humanity, and the lengths he is willing to go for us. So we study it and figure out how we can apply it in our lives and within the community of Avenue Family. We also talk to and listen to God through prayer during this time.

Children’s Bible Quizzing

Children learn how to read, write, and comprehend better by studying the the Bible and attending competitions with other children throughout the school year.

Program Excel

Program Excel is a program for middle and high school students who have been expelled from school and need someplace to get back on their feet and keep earning credits.

Free the Girls

We collect bras for Free the Girls, an organization that gives dignity, honor, and a means of self-support to women who have been freed from slavery (aka human trafficking). You can drop bras off to us during our regular business hours or you can arrange a time by calling.

Interfaith Community PADS

Like every other community on Earth, Michigan City has homeless people. Unlike many communities on Earth, we DO have someplace for them to get supper and sleep at night. There are separate facilities for the men and women to go and find food and shelter for the night, and the shelters are run by many volunteers who donate their time to work about 4 hours per week.

Citizens Concerned for the Homeless

This organization has 3 different programs, all focused on moving people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness into a more stable life situation. Sandcastle Shelter helps homeless families and single women do whatever they need to do to get into stable, permanent housing. Keys to Hope Community Resource Center connects individuals with the community resources they need to find stability in their lives. Grace Learning Center is the place to go for classes that will help you get personal resources that will help you find a better job.