Free the Girls

Free the Girls is an awesome organization that empowers women who have been freed from human trafficking. And we at Avenue Family love what they do so much that we decided to join in the effort.

So here is how Free the Girls works.

  1. First, you donate a bra to a drop off site near you.
    (We Are A Drop Off Site in Michigan City!) 
  2. Next, the drop off site delivers the bras to Duneland Community Church of the Nazarene for processing.
  3. Then, volunteers gather about one Saturday per month (see schedule) to sort through the thousands of bras that have been donated in the past month or so. As they are sorted, they are boxed up for shipping, and then loaded onto pallets. This is all done at what is called a “Bra Packing Party.” We go to these. You should join us.
  4. Shortly after the Bra Packing Parties, the pallets are picked up by a shipping company and delivered all over the world to women who have, at some point in recent past, been rescued from human trafficking.
  5. After the bras have been delivered to a woman, she then sells them in her community from her own store. She owns and operates this store herself, with access to the advice and expertise of mentors, many of whom are woman have been through the Free the Girls process before.
  6. The woman continues to develop her skills, confidence, and income through this business.

We invite you donate bras at our location Monday through Friday, 9am – 4:30pm.

For more information from Free the Girls, please click here.