Children’s Bible Quizzing Information

  • Reading
  • Playing Games
  • Singing Songs
  • Quizzing with friends from around the state, region, and world
  • Prizes

If these sound good to you and your elementary age kids, then Children’s Bible Quizzing is for you and your family. Join us on Wednesday evenings during the school year for an exciting time of singing, games, reading, and prizes. And on one Saturday most months, join us at a Quiz Meet where the kids test their knowledge along with other kids their own ages from across the state, region or world, depending on which Quiz Meet it is.

And if you would like to stay in the building while your kids are in practice on Wednesday evenings, feel free to join us in the Bible Study for Adults and Teens.

If you would like to register for the team, please click here, and join us next Wednesday.

If you are on the team, please click here for current team information and study helps.